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Facebook is always seen busy making innovation in its applications to make it look more engaging and user friendly. Actually, it is all because Snapchat has the same kind of features and FB is just looking to copy a bit for the launch of new features in the FB messenger for their users. It has an integrated bot, which Facebook just wants to make the app an assistant as the recently added games within it can be used for fun.

What Actually is Facebook Messenger Day?

The new feature introduced by Facebook by the name “ messenger day”  on 9th march help you a user to a huge extent when it comes to instantly sharing pictures and videos along with daily record with friends. But the only limitation in this feature is that the photo or video shared by the user in this feature will automatically disappear after 24 hrs.
In case any kind of problem occurs while using messenger day feature, then contact Facebook customer support number immediately before it gets too late.

How It Actually Works?

Every feature launched by Facebook on its social media podium or messenger app always works fine, but the user has to keep updating an app on the regular basis. Do make sure that the Facebook messenger installed on your Android or iOS device is updated recently.

Here are the steps that need to be undertaken carefully for knowing how the Facebook Messenger Day works:

Viewing or Replying to a Messenger Day:

The Messenger day, a new feature launched in messenger, can be seen above the chat threads on the home screen of FB messenger, once you are logged in successfully.

Sharing Photo or Video of Messenger Day:
  • Open Facebook messenger in the menu of smartphone device and tap on camera
  • The sharing options seen there will also help you take pictures as well as shoot 15  seconds micro video or help in upload media file. You can also take selfie or video or any media file in your device that need to be shared through the camera roll.
  • Add effects in the video or images such as smileys that can make everyone feel good when they are watching you on their friends column.
Delete Photo or video on a Messenger Day

The images or video once shared on the messenger day feature can be deleted anytime whenever you want in a feasible way. All you need to press the video or image and three dots will appear tapping which you will get the option to delete the image or video.

Who can see your messenger day photo: 

Once you start using the messenger day , all the control lies with you, to whom the photos or videos recently uploaded on this feature can be visible. If you want to restrict a specific person from viewing your images or video uploaded through this features, all you need to do is to tap the More ‘icon’ and then choose “Everyone except” or ‘custom’
This feature can really help you feel like using snapchat. But, it is quite more comfortable using this feature due to the custom features with which you can allow or disallow someone from viewing your images. On some occassions, Facebook messenger day feature stop working on the chat application installed on your smartphone device. No need to worry, Just contact Facebook Customer Service Number as they are ever ready to help you out through email or chat support

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